About Nick

I returned to film photography in 2019 after my daughter gave me a Kodak Box Brownie Special for Christmas - a camera I thought I'd used as a young child. Research showed this camera uses 127 film which is unusual and although available (easier in 2021 than 2019) the film is expensive. I then realised I had an excellent collection of Nikon lenses which would work well on Nikon SLR cameras. So I bought one on eBay and my film journey restarted.

I first got into photography in 1980 when I bought a Pentax ME Super SLR with 50mm f1.7 "kit lens" while I was at Birmingham University Medical School. Photos above show the camera and the medical school pathology museum (which no longer exists).

Photos above of my dad in 1981 and my daughter Alice in 1997.

I used the Pentax through to 1999 for family, travel and random shots until I went over to the dark side. For my 40th birthday my parents kindly bought me a digital Fuji MX700. It took me a remarkably long time to admit to myself that I hated the delay between pressing the shutter and it shooting and the actual quality of the photos. In 2004 I bought a Nikon D70 digital SLR. My love of photography returned and I haven't looked back….except photography is all about looking back!

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