Agfa Isolette Ii
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My Agfa Isolette II with Solinar 85mm f4.5 lens story

I got my Agfa Isolette II from a guy in France who had put the lovely new red bellows on. It has the top of the range (for this edition) Solinar 85mm f4.5 lens and Compur-rapid shutter and was made in the 1950s. I think of it as my Brexit camera as I received it (just before import issues would have started) in December 2020. It cost me £72 which ...

D23 developer test
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First time I made a film developer from scratch

Another Christmas. Another milestone present. I asked my wife to get me a book for Christmas. "The Art of Black and White Developing" (fifth edition) by John Finch which I came across through finding his YouTube channel in 2021. The book basically contains a whole load of recipes for film developers! I decided that Kodak ...

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